Set your self apart in a market flooded with business coaches by integrating the three lenses of type and attaining superior results. How?

By tapping into your client’s core motivating factors;

By using the language and coaching approach that is in alignment with your client’s primary values;

By ensuring that your client’s core needs are being met;

By building rapport more effectively by adapting to your client’s natural style;

By identifying and addressing your client’s potential blind spots; and,

By building on your client’s strengths.

Learn how to design customized coaching solutions based upon key client characteristics!

Meet monthly with two international type experts—Susan Nash and Eve Delunas--for 90 minute, in-depth discussions of business coaching case studies using the three lenses of type and the Survival Strategies Model.

Each month, you will receive the case study for discussion in advance.
Meetings are recorded and available for review by Mastermind Group members. 



  • Use assessment tools and observational clues to quickly identify and verify your client’s most likely “best fit” Temperament and Interaction Style;


  • Motivate different types to change their behavior;


  • Employ the most effective language for each type;


  • Help clients get their core needs and primary values met;


  • Intervene effectively where clients are engaging in maladaptive Survival Strategies; and,


  • Build on your clients’ strengths while addressing potential blind spots and areas in need of development.




*HR consultants,

*OD consultants

*organizational leaders

*training professionals


Participants should have a fundamental knowledge of type, which may include True Colors, MBTI, Berens Essential Motivators, Berens Interaction Styles, and/or Keirsey Temperaments.



Susan Nash has been using type and temperament for over 25 years in her facilitation and coaching practice. She is the author of Let’s Split the Difference, Type Trilogy Card Set and Complete Coach Guidebook.


Eve Delunas has been using type and temperament for over 35 years in her psychotherapy and consulting practice. She is the author of Survival Games Personalities Play and New Science, New Brain, New You.

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Meeting Dates: January 15, February 12, March 12, 2019
Meeting Times: 11 am Pacific Time
Fee is 150 US Dollars for the 3 Meetings 
APTi and BAPT Members pay only 125 US Dollars
Deadline for Registration is January 4, 2019