Survival Games Personalities Play

Discover how each of four  personality types deals with stress.
Learn the best ways to help yourself and others when self-protective behaviors have become more harmful than helpful! 

People are most likely to engage in Survival Strategies when they are stressed and finding it increasingly difficult to cope with life's challenges. Whether someone utilizes the game of Blackmail, Complain, Robot, or Masquerade, depends upon that person's personality, or temperament type.


Each of these patterns of behavior represents a different way of protecting oneself in the face of life's adversities. Over time, as these defensive behaviors escalate in frequency and intensity, they can become maladaptive and cause suffering for the individuals who are engaging in these behaviors and their family, friends, and coworkers.


Using case examples from her practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Delunas describes the games associated with each of the four personality, or temperament types as described by Keirsey and Bates in the book, Please Understand Me--the Artisan (SP), Guardian (SJ), Rational (NT), and Idealist (NF). 


She explains the different reasons why each of the personalities is most likely to employ survival tactics. And, she identifies those methods that are often effective in helping each of the four personality types to stop engaging in these self-defeating behaviors at home and in the workplace.

  • You are in search of the missing pieces that will enable you to better understand and yourself and others.
  • You want to find ways to help when a person's usual ways of coping with stress have become more harmful than helpful. 

Eve Delunas, PhD, LMFT has been applying psychological type theory to catalyze positive changes in clinical and organizational settings for over thirty-five years. She is internationally recognized for her work on the relationship between personality and dysfunctional behavior.


Eve first became interested in type and temperament while pursuing her Masters Degree in Counseling as a student of David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. She worked with David Keirsey for over ten years.


Her newest book, New Science, New Brain, New You, presents methods for reconfiguring our brain’s learned default settings to move out of the “survival mode.”


In addition to offering workshops internationally, Eve has been an instructor of Graduate Counseling at five universities. Recently, as a Collegiate Professor for the University of Maryland, European Division, she was the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

I have always used Temperament a lot in my work as a Personal Development Coach. And since reading Eve's book  Survival Games Personalities Play several years ago I have utilized that information a lot with great success.

Clare Ayers   

People Matters, New Zealand