Learn about the

unique Survival Strategies different

personalities use

to cope with stress! 

Each of us is different. So it makes sense that we don't all get stressed for the same reasons or in the same ways.  

Why does one person use the Survival Strategy of Blackmail, while others engage in Complain, Avoidance, or Masquerade?

How might we recognize each of these Survival Strategies?

And what can be done to help someone who is engaging in these coping behaviors, which can become more harmful than helpful over time?

The Survival Strategy Model provides insightful answers and innovative solutions!

Different types engage in Survival Strategies for different reasons. 

Each type responds best to different coaching methods. 

Hi! I'm Eve!  (You probably figured that out already!)

My interest in type and temperament and the four Survival Strategies began while pursuing an MS in counseling as a student of David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, coauthors of Please Understand Me. I later worked with David Keirsey for over ten years.


Since then, I have used the Survival Strategies Model for over 35 years in my counseling, coaching, teaching, and consulting. Throughout this time, I have continued to refine and expand upon the Survival Strategies Framework, based upon my experiences and observations in clinical and organizational settings.  


A good starting point to learn about this approach is my book, Survival Games Personalities Play, In it, I provide numerous case examples to demonstrate how this model may be used to customize one's coaching or counseling according to the personality, core needs, and Survival Strategy the client is employing.


Recently, I created the virtual program, Applications of the Survival Strategy Model, which represents the culmination of decades of experience in using this framework with scores of clients. My objective in offering this virtual program is to make more detailed instruction available to individuals interested in learning how to use the Survival Strategy Model in their own work with clients.


My newest book, New Science, New Brain, New You, presents methods for reconfiguring our brain’s learned default settings to move out of the “survival mode.”

Interested in learning more?

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